UPnP (Universal Plug and Play Protocol) is a zero-configuration networking protocol that allows devices to discover and advertise themselves in the network. Traditional device methods to connect involves installing device drivers in the machine to set them up. But, devices that support Zero conf. networking just need to be pluggedRead More →


PPPOE-Point to Point protocol over ethernet is a network layer protocol and is used to encapsulate the PPP frames inside the ethernet frames.It was mainly used to tunnel packets from the DSL network to the IP network and then to rest of internet. PPPoE has two stages the PPPoE discoveryRead More →

Bittorrent is peer to peer communication protocol used for sharing files across the internet Generally ,When we access a webserver for some information .The request we send consumes very less bandwidth in the upstream,but the server dumps large amounts of data in the downstream. In Client-Server Architecture: ¬†GENERAL CLIENT-SERVER NETWORKRead More →