Robot framework is a generic test automation Framework.

I love hearing songs at work.So the first thing I do is open my browser open and PlayAll the AR Rahman tracks.

So Lets see how to make life simple by doing this using ROBOT framework.

The Selenium Library of Robot framework is used to scrap web data and navigate and play around any webpage or pages.And Robot framework is a keyword driven Framework.Where you have to just install any library ,Each library contains a set of keywords and with that you can perform actions.Its that simple.


So The of the ROBOT Framework helps us specify the commands with ease.

First From Libraries we have to include the Selenium2Library.

Then Open Browser url browser={browser type}

Then once the required URL is open you can inspect the element which you want to click.Here I want to go to the Artist page A R Rahman to play all of his tracks.So,

Click Element link=A R Rahman –>link is used to specify any element in the anchor tag with href

Next I want to click the Play Button in the new page.So I have to wait till my page gets fully loaded and the Play button element is visible and the click the Play Button.

Wait Until Element Is Visible    id=p-list-play_all   —>Im choosing the element by the id of the element here.
Click Element    id=p-list-play_all

So it is That simple.You can instruct your jenkins to run this automatically you login to your system.So you can happily Hear your song with no effort.This is just an example.It can be used in many places to effectively automate regular tedious tasks.

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