Whats the difference between Hub, Switch and Router?

Whats the difference between Hub, Switch and Router?

It is quite simple to understand the differences between a hub switch and a router.


Hub is a connecting device .It contains multiple ports and connects various networking devices at a single point.

Hubs broadcast the data received at its port to all the connected ports.

Hence,it is not intelligent and does not process any information.

The disadvantage of a Hub is that it floods the network and causes congestion in the network.


A switch works at the layer 2 of the OSI reference model.

Switch stores forwarding table entries.It contains the port and the Mac Address of the Device connected to that port.

Thus when a packet is to be transmitted the MAC address of the packet is checked and the data is forwarded to the respective port.

It is also possible to configure the Quality of service,speed,Modes of operation and operational bandwidth of each of the ports in the switch independently.

Switches can work at both Layer 2 and Layer 3 switches.


Routers are Layer 3 devices.

They perform some complex functionalities.Its stores routing table that uses the Ip address of the connected device.

They are used connect multiple Lan or Wan networks.They work at the gateways.

Most important function of a router is to determine the best path to forward the data packet.


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