The Fifth Generation(5G) of wireless technology is the trending news is the networking field.With the fourth generation (4G) still rolling out and making its presence in the wireless world.5G is the next most awaited market for all the telecommunications giants .Competition among Telecommunication industries to innovate and provide best qualityRead More →

Bittorrent is peer to peer communication protocol used for sharing files across the internet Generally ,When we access a webserver for some information .The request we send consumes very less bandwidth in the upstream,but the server dumps large amounts of data in the downstream. In Client-Server Architecture: ¬†GENERAL CLIENT-SERVER NETWORKRead More →

In the recent decade ,Demand for higher internet access speeds are amplified with the evolution of new services and applications that devour huge amounts of bandwidth.If this trend is maintained in the upcoming years ,Speed demands will rise to 1Gps for per user. Only fiber cables have the capacity toRead More →

Ever wondered how the world connects to you???? The internet is an interconnection of many networks to form a global network. SO HOW ARE ALL THE DEVICES CONNECTED: Though most of us are connect to the internet via new fangled¬† .In reality, there are thousands of kilometers of cable thatRead More →